Aug 10

DeRisi Racing one two and three today at the IXCR!

DeRisi Racing riders today 1st overall Marshal Goings 2nd overall Austin Abney and 3rd overall Dwight Pollard congrats everyone!!! IMG_4659.JPG

Jul 17

We are doing setups today at Mud Motorsports and setup next to Spider Graphix this weekend at the MAXC!

We will be setup next to Spider Graphix the MAXC this weekend so come by and see us!! Also if you want your suspension setup before the race come by Mud Motorsports today! #derisiracing #atvracing #makingthingshappen 20140717-122425-44665233.jpg



Jul 16

Come by Mud Motorsports and get your suspension done!

At @mudmotorsports here on this hump day doing suspension!! Come by and get your quad or bike setup! #derisiracing #makingthingshappen #derisitunedsuspension 20140716-114400-42240522.jpg

Jul 10


*****NEW PRODUCT*****
2006-Current Honda standard travel strut! Designed to work with our OEM rear Honda conversion to give more usable travel and lower ride height! Can also be used with a stock shock to give a lower ride height. For best results use with our standard travel linkage part #11001


20140710-141942-51582759.jpg 20140710-141941-51581628.jpg 20140710-141943-51583841.jpg



Jul 08

Test and Tune dates for Indiana

Ready for your suspension to work like it should and step up your game and make statements at the races after summer break??

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