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TRX450R Linkages
TRX450R Linkages post-production and ready for your bike

Our linkages add travel and also change the leverage ratio curves so that it gives you the best ride with no kicking and good bottoming resistance. All DeRisi Racing Inc. linkages come with bearings, seals, and hardened pins. We currently have linkages for TRX450Rs, and Yamaha YFZ450s, and we’re designing and testing new linkages all the time. If you don’t see the linkage that you are looking for give us a call and ask!

Built with quality and performance in mind, our linkages have stood up to everything our testers could throw at them.

Honda TRX450R

2004-2005 Standard Travel Link  Part #12002 $175.00
2006-2014 Standard Travel Link Part #11001 $175.00
2006-2014 Lowering Strut (Can be used with stock link or 2006 DeRisi Racing Standard travel Link) Part #12002 $150.00
2006-2014 2 Piece Long Travel Link Part # $399.95 (Uses 16.1″-16.250″ Long Shock)

Yamaha YFZ450 Carb Model

2004-2005 XC Linkage Part #22001 $225.00
2006-Current XC Linkage Part #21001 $225.00
2006-Current MX Linkage Part # $225.00

Yamaha YFZ450X/R EFI

2009-Current 6.925 Pull Rod Part #23001 $150.00


Yamaha YFZ450R Linkage
2006-2014 honda TRX450R Long travel Linkage
2006 – 2014 Honda TRX450R Strut
2006 – 2014 Honda TRX450R Standard Travel Linkage