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DeRisi Racing Inc. is happy to provide important shock maintenance services to keep your suspension in top shape. All valving and set-ups are 100% performance guaranteed! We do not want one unhappy customer!

All service and revalve pricing include labor, oil, seals, shims, and nitrogen. Any other Parts and shipping are extra. Prices subject to change, or differ from what is listed as some brands of shock cost more to maintain. These prices should only be used as a reference. Please contact us, or click on Dealer Network to find a DeRisi Racing Inc. authorized service dealer near you!

Please note: spring colors are not an option! Springs colors vary from the manufacturer. We do not have any choice in what color they ship to us. If you want a different spring color you must get it done yourself. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Dirty Shocks will have a $50 service charge added to the bill!

Expedite service now available!

We are now offering a 1-2 day turnaround for a expedite fee of $100.  Shipping charges not included.

Shock Service:

Front shocks:

ATV Spring Shocks with reservoirs (Pair) – $145.00
ATV Spring Shocks without reservoir (Pair)- $110.00
ATV Air Shocks (FOX & Axis) (Pair) – $185.00

Rear Shocks:

Raptor, Banshee, Warrior – $200.00
All other ATV – $120.00

Shock Revalve:

Front Shocks:

ATV front dual rate spring conversion and revalve (Pair) – $450-$500
ATV Spring front shocks with reservoirs (Pair) – $200.00
ATV Spring Front Shocks without reservoirs (Pair) – $160.00
ATV Air Shocks (FOX & Axis) (Pair) – $240.00

ATV FOX Air Shocks seal upgrade (New Shocks only)  $125.00
ATV FOX Air Shock Kashima Coat Upgrade (Includes: 2 new main air bodies and 2 new reservoir bodies Add $300 (Pair) (Price added to air shock service price or air shock revalve price)

Travel Modifications also available for all shocks, call for pricing.

Rear Shocks:

Raptor, Banshee, Warrior rear shock – $260.00
All Other ATV rear shocks – $175
ZPS Conversion Stock Rear Shock Dual Rate Spring $395.00
XC Conversion Stock Rear Shock Single Rate Spring $275.00

Pro Millennium (For PEP and Works Performance shocks):

Revalve front with reservoir (includes new high flow pistons & valving) (Pair) – $295.00
Revalve front without reservoir (includes new high flow pistons & valving) (Pair) – $225.00

DeRisi Racing Bottom Out Bumper Mod:
Changes the bottom out bumpers with new softer, smoother bumpers for smoother bottom outs. Available for certain shocks. Price is $30.00 per shock.

Rework valving on **New** Aftermarket Spring shocks (does not include Works Performance or PEP) shim style shocks only. Call for details… $65.00 per shock.

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