Test & Tune Session 2/5

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Test & Tune Session 2/5

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February 5th and 6th DeRisi Racing is hosting a test and tune session for you to get a feel for adjusting your suspension to suit your needs. The clinic will focus on complete set-up including toe-in, camber, caster, ride height, compression and rebound adjustments, spring rates or air pressure for air shocks, and internal valving (if applicable).

This clinic is available to riders who have had their shocks serviced by DeRisi Racing. Riders who are interested in having full service performed will qualify for a discounted service rate (unless shocks are new and aftermarket). Shocks will need to be in 3 weeks before 2/5. This is to prevent and limited service time during the session and instead, focus on proper set-ups and adjustments!

Please book your spot via our events section (click here). Price for this clinic will depend on the number of registered participants, but class size is limited so please register ASAP! You can e-mail or call us for more details. We look forward to working with you, and helping you get the perfect suspension set-up!

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