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Suspension Department

Why go with DeRisi Racing for your Suspension Needs?

Here at DeRisi Racing we go the extra mile to make sure that you get the latest technology in suspension! We go through many tests to make sure that all our suspension products and services are at the “Leading Edge”! We do not rush any new kits for any new quads because we are more for perfection instead of production! All of our kits are tested by Pro riders untill everything is perfect then we will produce the parts and make it available to the public. All of our parts are also designed on the latest CAD software available by our in-house certified engineer! If you need any special kit designed please feel free to ask us about it we will do custom setups anytime that you need them. Ride the Latest in Suspension Technology, Ride DeRisi Racing Suspension!

We can tune any ATV rebuildable shock on the market. We have specs for FOX, Elka, Custom Axis, Stadium, Ohlins, Works, PEP, TCS, and all OEM Shocks. We do custom valving, and springing for your weight, riding ability, and riding type (Desert, Dunes, Cross Country, Motorcross, and TT). We use nothing but the finest components available for your suspension.

Make sure to visit our set-up tips section and our store! If you can’t find what you are looking for, or have questions please call or e-mail us!