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Set-up/Shipping Form

Please fill out the form and click submit if you are sending your shocks in! A copy will be e-mailed to you, please include it in the box with your shocks.

Please note:  A $50 service charge will be added to your bill for dirty suspension!  Please wash your shocks before shipping!  It adds extra time to our procedure to complete your job! 

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    Shock Set-up Form - DeRisi Racing Inc.

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    SHOCKS MUST BE CLEAN Please wash the suspension before you ship it to us.

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    Two copies of this form will be sent to you via e-mail. Please print a copy and put it in the box with your clean shocks, and forward the other copy to our email.

    Send Suspension with Shipping Form to:

    DeRisi Racing Inc.
    Attn: Suspension Dept.
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    Phone: 704-538-3512