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UTV Shocks and Upgrades

UTV OEM Shock Upgrades

We have many spring kits and valving setups available for your UTV!  Everything is custom built to your machine and your riding type!  Many of the OEM manufactures put cheap cost effective springs on the shocks, and they are not designed for all the extra weight that is added to your machine with all the aftermarket parts.  Let us build you a custom suspension setup with our springs and valving setups to give you your dream ride so you can enjoy riding them on all your adventures!

We have race and trail riding spring kits and valving setups available for most of the popular brands!

  • Honda
  • Polaris
  • Yamaha
  • CanAm
  • Kawasaki









UTV Large Body Shocks (Pair) – $299.95
UTV FOX Internal Bypass Shocks (Pair) – $349.95


Prices include service

UTV Large Body Shocks (Pair) – $399.95
UTV FOX Internal Bypass Shocks (Pair) – $449.95

True Dual Rate spring kits with adjustable crossovers: Call for Pricing

Some shocks we can add High and Low speed compression adjusters and rebound adjustability so that you can tune your ride to better suit your riding style and terrain.  Call for available models.

Travel Modifications also available for most shocks, call for pricing and models available.

Can’t get your machine setup right?  Call and schedule a time to bring it by and our technicians can setup your ride height, crossover, and adjuster settings so that your machine gives the ride you are looking for!  Please call for pricing and scheduling! 704-538-3512













Billet Reservoir End Caps for your FOX Shocks – These will fix your factory FOX shocks from leaking out all the nitrogen and damaging the internals of your shock!  If you hear clunking in your shocks or notice oily residue coming from the small hole in the center of your reservoir end cap, this is a upgrade you need to do ASAP!

Pricing Per Shock: $69.95

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call!  704-538-3512












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